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So, you are a fan of popular music? Do you know which song held the #1 position for the longest time? Then, read on.

If you are interested in learning and knowing which songs were the most popular for any decade between 1890 – 2011, you have come to the right place.

This site is dedicated in providing visitors with the rankings of the top 100 songs for each decade 1890-2011 and the top 100 instrumentals from 1910-2011. In each decade, there are some headlines covering each year and some notes about the songs making the chart. You should find this very interesting.

Anyone who is an avid fan of music of any pop music era, always wants to know how well their favorite song did on the charts. This is where the 100 Songs of All Time can help.

We have included an unusual chart of the top 1,000 instrumentals of All-Time covering the whole period from 1890-2011. You should find this chart very interesting.

Basically, the site is in three major sections:

  • Top 100 Charts (all formats) 1890-2011 by decade
  • Top 100 Instrumental charts 1910-1979 by decade
  • Top Artists for each decade 1890-2011 by decade.

This site also has the top 200 #2 hits for the period from 1890-2011. These are songs that peaked at the number two position and did not hit #1. This is also a very interesting and informative chart. We have added the top 100 #3 songs that peaked at the number three position.

If you are a county fan we have the top 100 country songs from 1944-1987.

All the information that is compiled for these charts is by Billboard.

Check out these charts today!

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